The Execution Initiative

by From Wrath to Ruins

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First EP from downtempo/beatdown band from Greensboro, NC.


released September 11, 2015



all rights reserved


From Wrath to Ruins Greensboro, North Carolina

Downtempo/Beatdown band from Greensboro, NC.
Dylan Kozerski- vocals.
Grant Welton- guitar
Barret Gingerich- Drums
Connor O'Reilly- bass.

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Track Name: Cerberus (ft. Devin Sockwell)

Look upon this earthly abomination.
Seeds of your destruction will outgrow our lust for justice.
We are burning.

Count our losses, there’s no turning back.
You fucked us over one too many times.
It's just a race to see how many bridges you can burn.
Even now you cannot see the error in your ways.

Now we lift the mask that hides the truth.
Tear the veil that rends us from your self-sustaining sovereignty.
Buried underneath the guise of influence are fallacies that lead to our decay.

Look up on us from your now inverted throne.
There can be no more regrets, this is the time to take control.

Disconnected from the lies that you’ve constructed.
I have devised a plan
to reawaken the assimilance of mental fortitude.

A massive beast hell bent on global execution.
This calls for all of us to rise up in a revolution.

And now we’ll take back what is truly ours.
Fate cannot restrain you from descending to extinction.
We won’t rest until you’re under our control. And we have all reclaimed the rite to live our lives.

We won’t rest until you’re under our control. We will live our lives.
Track Name: Swarm (ft. Pancho Mortem)

The wrath of the swarm invoked
the bite of the parasite
like vices clamp upon the scars of mortal flesh

So bite your tongue
the silence is our pandemonium
Thousands of ashes drape upon this barren land
So empty threats cannot detain the truth behind our words
and you will perish underneath the fires of the horde

We are in unity
We are strength defined
We are wrath

Deep in the pits of the damned, screams for justice cry
No more retaliation
This will be the final ultimatum

This is the end of your existence
You’ll find no solice in the constructs of your lies

Look there: on the horizon
A new dawn is fast approaching on this era

The wrath of the swarm invoked
the bite of the parasite
like vices clamp upon the scars of mortal flesh

To witness destruction; a glance at the prophecy
You’re not prepared to ward us off
The cleansing of corruption in a realm of complete entropy
Track Name: Procreate

Let us take up our vile roles
I'll be death, and you'll be hate.
Our lives entertwined evermore,
giving life to our bastard child, Murder.

Look at this travesty we've made.

A living, breathing, son of a bitch.
Are you content with the malevolence of your work?
Look at the hatred in his eyes.
Oh, how I proclaim--hell has saved a place aside for me.

You grin as the world rips itself apart.
Our child has destroyed everyone in his wake.
When the smoke clears, nothing is left of their pathetic fucking world.

Now let's play this game for real, I'll be death and you'll be hate.

Now let's play this game for real,
I am death, and you are hate.
Let's end this world, procreate.
Track Name: The Execution Initiative
The Execution Initiative

This is execution. Like mindless pawns led into vile snares, they show no mercy. It will never cease. Plans of the wretched have now come to light. This is our plight. The system brought us to our knees.
The ends don’t justify their means. They will end you. Our cause is lying in the streets. We are condemned
to a life of mediocrity. They brand us with the scars of defeat. We await the binds of demise. Burn. This is the end of your tyranny. This is what you deserve. This is the fate you’ve earned. I command the fires of ruin to revoke you of your stolen crown. We are condemned to a life of mediocrity. They brand us with the scars of defeat. We await the binds of demise. I have abandoned the cause. Now you're all in my warpath.
Track Name: Deceit (ft. Christian Sokol)

You’ve shown your true deceit
you architect of lies
truth hurts
but how would you know?

Illusionist of truth
deceiver of ages
come to pull the roots of a nation

In the wake of your destruction (your weakest hour)
you fall victim to the plight of your creation

You’d be astounded by the ways that you forget
every time you push the blade it kills yourself
Blotted out by the ink of your own pen
you’re the only one that you’ll be taking to the grave

No retribution in the hell that you’ve created
As you persecute the world through the glass of mortal mirrors

There’s no point making everybody suffer
No-one will experience the raging aftermath
you cannot decide the fate of humanity
Everything that you intended us to suffer
has come back ten fold for you
you never realise that everything has failed in accordance to your plan**

You have taken your last breath
This is not a threat; but a guarantee
you’ve sown the seeds of discord
and reaped from the harvest